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I met Michael Hand in 2011 through his fiancée Nelly Widmann. While fishing the Copper River and Prince William Sound last summer, we realized we had similar values and ideas about the seafood industry, and the same love and respect for these fish.  Together we agreed on a goal: to provide premium grade, responsibly harvested, wild Alaskan salmon to restaurants who are looking for “boat to table” fish.

Michael Hand, Captain, F/V Sprite:  Originally from New Hampshire, Michael has been fishing salmon in Alaska since 2006. He has also captained a tender vessel for Sitka herring. Michael's love for salmon and the special care he gives every one of his fish earned him a 'Quality Harvester' award last year. He was one of ten captains to receive this out of a fleet of 550 boats.


Nelly Widmann:  Born in Cordova, Nelly is the quintessential Alaskan woman, she grew up in a fishing family and has worked with salmon her whole life. She shares our passion for top quality fish and will be the point person who puts each shipment on the airplane.

Austin Ring: I grew up in the restaurant industry, so food has always been a very important part of my life. After college, I jumped at the chance to spend a summer in Alaska and spent the next six years commercial fishing, from trolling for king salmon out of Sitka, herring fishing Kodiak Island, to running my own salmon boat on the Copper River.

Our collective experience makes Northwest Fish Traders your go to people for the highest quality Alaskan salmon.

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